Thursday, February 19, 2009

AND! Other stuff going in the bag.

So here are a couple shots of some of the junk I'll be packing for Africa. Not all of this is coming along, thankfully. Mom'll ship some of this stuff after I get to Senegal.

A lot of these things were gifts. In particular, Julia L. was super lovely and generous and helped me out with that humongous orange beautiful pack. Andy, Rehana, and Micah found me a Dana Alphasmart magic word maker thing, which will allow me to do a lot of writing in the comfort and privacy of my own hut. Christine got me an, ahem, feminine urinary director. It may be one of the best things ever. I'm bringing a lot of spices, since the diet in Senegal's fairly boring, a lot of duct tape, and two years' worth of toothbrushes. Good-quality soccer balls may be difficult to find in small villages, too, so I thought it would make a good gift to some kids. The colored pencils, drawing paper, and card games are also for the kids I meet.

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