Sunday, March 29, 2009

Apologies! Stories! Elephants!

OK, frankly, all you get this time are apologies. I'm sorry I haven't been writing anything to anybody recently (with the possible exception of text messages -- you have no idea how great it is to get text messages from the States), but I'm working on it. As it turns out, I have very little time during training for much besides learnin' stuff. But I've also discovered that it's very hard to write for you. Explaining life to you requires me to be in two mental places at one time -- the Unites States and Senegal.

Tomorrow, I leave Thies to visit Ndiago, the small village in the Kaolack region (find it on a map for extra elephant points!) that will be my home for the next two years. The current PCV I'm replacing and I are going to hang out for a few days, and she'll introduce me to all the 271 people living in Ndiago. I'll probably get a new name as well. During training, I am Issa Sene, a name given to me by my host family. Funny story -- apparently it's a boy's name meaning Jesus.

Anyway, I'm hoping to come back from my village with a new determination to share my life in Senegal with you. I may have said this before, but I'm radiantly happy here. The only thing that would make it any better would be if I could magically be sharing it with you -- or at least find the will to write more. Soon, soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hey guys. I promise you'll get a more substantive update within two weeks, but I don't have much time to say anything right now. Basically, I'm too busy falling in love with Senegal to pay attention to you right now. BUT I have a phone. Feel free to send me a text message, though it'll be expensive. The number is 221 77 671 99 52.

Anyway, I'm healthy and exceptionally happy. Like, woah-happy. I'm off to the village of Thieneba for 10 days or so, but after that I'll post some stuff.

Love and guts.