Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad blogging....

I consider it a bit of a crime to declare your intention of writing something to the world (or the portion of it that knows you exist) before you actually, you know, write it. But it's been a while since I posted on this blog, and I wanted whoever actually reads this to know that I'm working on a couple of things for it. Currently I'm on vacation and transitioning to a new role with Peace Corps/Senegal, one which will move me to Dakar and get me working in an office. Crazy.

Also, I wanted to let whoever you are know that the Los Angeles Times is running something I wrote as an op-ed in the Opinion section on this Sunday, the 15th of May. Hooray! I'll link to it, when there is something to link to.

Love and guts,



  1. Jessie-
    Just saw your LA Times piece posted by Ms De Grijs. High five from one Westridge girl to another.
    -Kate McCarthy

  2. Just read your Op-Ed piece -- awesome! From another Westridge grad.
    --Erica F. Class of 1984

  3. Bad blogging is lying to your audience.